NTK Europe S.p.a | Quality
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The Management of NTK Europe spa considers quality a fundamental element of the corporate strategy and promotes its compliance at all levels of the organization; aware of its leadership role, it disseminates and supports the commitment to meet the requirements of the Quality Management System and to continuously improve its effectiveness.


The company quality policy is focused on pursuing customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty and full compliance with applicable regulations and mandatory laws. To achieve this, the company organization undertakes to achieve and maintain the following objectives:


      • satisfaction of the explicit and implicit needs and expectations of customers. The first deriving from the commitments assumed in the contractual phase, the second from the quality of the human relationship and the service rendered;
      • updated and adequate regulatory and technological knowledge;
      • fulfillment of safety, hygiene and environmental protection requirements established by the laws in force;
      • involvement of company personnel who, feeling part of a team aimed at pursuing business success, must find the most appropriate atmosphere and stimuli for its development, security and fulfillment;
      • achieving expectations of the property in relation to the achievement of the desired level of return with respect to the resources employed;
      • achieving expectations of suppliers and business partners in order to achieve high levels of collaboration for the purpose of common growth;
      • optimal management of resources (financial, infrastructural, human and environmental) in order to guarantee an effective and continuous support for the growth and success of the company.


The Management has chosen to comply with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and the continuous improvement deriving from its application as a management tool for achieving the goals.

The General Management performs periodic reviews, promotes improvement actions for the following period and ascertains the continued suitability of this policy.

The Quality System of our company is certified according to the ISO9001 standards since 1999.

Certificate Download.